5RD – Devruel’s Claws

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Devruel's Claws
Devruel’s Claws (300 dpi promo)

This odd hexagonal tower was constructed overnight, pulled directly from the ground by magus Devruel Tenzah of the Silver Cloak. Questing in the astral for the Githyanki, the magus rarely occupies the tower currently and leaves it to the magical defences and guardians built right into the stone.

Devruel's Claws
Devruel’s Claws (1200 dpi)

The “claws” are rough stony wedges that extend up over the tops of the three turrets atop the tower proper. They are home to a number of twisted little mutant bookas (tiny little sprite-like humanoids) who harass anyone trying to access the doors to the structure while the magus is out.

Devruel's Claws
Devruel’s Claws (1200 dpi, no grid)

Every Monday this month and next (and maybe for a bit longer), I’m posting a five-room dungeon / structure / adventure site using the 5RD tag. This is the fourth such map in the series…

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