Spelljammer Academy ADVENTURE REVIEW

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Cover illustration by Max Dunbar for Spelljammer Academy, available for free on D&D Beyond.

Spelljammer Academy is a free adventure presented as an introductory adventure for multiple 1st level characters leading into the highly anticipated Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection releasing soon. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is a massive undertaking for Wizards of the Coast, bringing a popular setting from an older edition to fifth edition D&D. Spelljammer saw its height in AD&D (second edition), with only scattered references and minimal content in subsequent editions. Coming to fifth edition, it is an ambitious departure from “safer” settings in terms of lore and complexity, but has the potential to be a great move. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space will be available for purchase August 16th, 2022 (and is currently available for pre-order), and in the weeks leading up to the official release, Wizards of the Coast has multiple pieces of content…

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