What Makes an OSR Game an OSR game?

Grumpy Wizard

The term “Old School Renaissance” has come to encompass a large number of games.

Some of them have quite different design intents and are different gaming experiences. This is confusing for people inside of the OSR let alone those on the outside looking in.

It was very clear what an OSR game was when I first became aware of the OSR.

In the last 10 years, the definition of an OSR game have become vague and confusing.
I’ll light a torch and illuminate room a little.

Where I pitch my tent.

I started playing AD&D in 1987. I got out of gaming in 1998.

It was something I didn’t have time for. I was going to school full time, working a late night job, and barely sleeping to get my homework done. Life happened. I got married. My wife got pregnant. We moved halfway across the country. I didn’t have…

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