Boss Rush Banter: What Game Did You Come to Love After Initially Quitting?

The Rage-Quit. It exists in all challenging pursuits. It’s the bane of sportsmanship and personal growth. But damn does it feel good sometimes! Even if the instant regret overwhelms when a tennis racket, controller, or friendship pays the price. And if you quit in a rage, chances are you’re done with whatever challenge you were facing. At least for a while. Even without raging though, sometimes you’ll quit something quietly. Maybe out of disappointment; maybe out of boredom. And yet, every so often you’ll circle back and wonder why you ever stopped in the first place. Usually with new resolve. I think the love you wind up having for that game or challenge can be the strongest kind.

The first session I played of Horizon: Zero Dawn was full of promise. By the time I got to the game, it had gained tons of fans and notoriety. Hell, it went…

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