Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Premium Cover editions (2012-3)

Wayne's Books

Wizards of the Coast released deluxe Hardcover reprints of the AD&D rulebooks in the lull while 5th Edition D&D was developed. The holy trinity of the PHB, DMG, and MM had been out of print for decades at that time. Plus Unearthed Arcana, and two classic adventure compilations (A Series and S Series modules).

Ribbon bookmark, gilt edgepaper. Gorgeous.

The volumes passing through the shop are the original prints.

I’ll also have links to DriveThruRPG, which has them in PDF, and two hardcover versions (standard color & premium). I’ve never seen the DTRPG reprints, but I imagine they’re quite nice. They are available in print on demand (POD). DTRPG Premium color tends to be a bit sharper with more bold colors, but I’ve found Standard color version is just fine.

Premium Cover Editions

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