Boss Rush Banter: Should Nintendo Allow Certain Publishers onto Their Next Console?

Corey and I once had a discussion about support on Nintendo Switch recently. We discussed a variety of publishers’ games released on previous consoles and handhelds and how over time, some third party support came and went. Even though the current Nintendo Switch is climbing the charts and various titles have seen great digital and physical sales, some publishers still have that same “wait and see” approach before porting their game over. We dug deep into the conversation and let’s just say, it was a healthy conversation to have–should Nintendo only allow certain publishers on their next console?

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. Image courtesy of Konami

In my opinion, yes. I think it’s time to cut some of them off and stop using the “we have a good relationship” line to hide themselves from the negative feedback. We already know, even after five years into the Switch’s lifespan, where…

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