Hell’s Rebels #57: Parade Preparations

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

We last left our heroes as they were breaking out of Kintargo Keep with one of the original Silver Ravens, Jackdaw, in tow! The Silver Ravens’ recent recruit, the time-dragon wizard, Kaidan, continues their tale. (-GM)

11th of Rova, 4715 AR

Our scene starts with us in a fight. The enemy surrounds us, and our bold, incredible, and dashingly handsome wizard is in a troubling situation… The dastardly enemy mage just finishes Dominating him and forces him to take a deep breath against his own side!

The shadow hound we have (TBD’s animal companion -GM) was too STUPID to be dominated though! Veld charges in with a MEGAVOLT and STRIKE putting hefty blows into our adversaries… THEN I TIME TRAVEL TO SEND THEM THROUGH TIME sickening a couple of them and damaging a few… Our magus Valdo ran away to help our new companion AND ACTUALLY HIT A SPELLSTRIKE!…

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