Rise of the Runelords #83: A Giant Amount of Giants

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party drove off the dragon and turned the tide against the giants! After interrogating (and befriending!) one of the captured stone giants, they found out they needed to take out Mokmurian, who is gathering an army of giants in a keep called Jorgenfist, in the Storval Plateau. This some weeks travel away. The party’s inventor, Jail, tells their tale. (-GM)

19th of Abadius, 4708 AR

The party’s journey

After the party’s few days of resting and helping the town of Sandpoint rebuild, they travel to Galduria and speak to some of their villagers about the attacks by giants. They find out the attacks have also been happening to them as well. Then three giants try to attack but Aranea shoots a bolt of electricity at the giants, bouncing it off a house 360 no-scope trick shot almost killing them. Ralramp shoots a bolt of electricity…

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