Dakkir’s Rock

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dakkir's Rock
Dakkir’s Rock (300 dpi promo)

This old complex definitely predates any of the current civilizations in the region. It was likely built by half-elven morlocks in one of the recession eras of the Kale Elven civilization. Those areas still showing their original carvings on the walls bear ornate depictions of various demons believed to be the “gods” (or dreaded foes) of the morlocks in question.

A mix of caverns and worked areas split over four levels and five zones, the upper section of the complex is home to a large family of very hostile and xenophobic bronze-age Aarakocra named the Dakkir after their grand progenitor who found this site for them. Members of the family are often seen sunning on the broken pillars out front, and the whole upper area is bright, whitened, and foul-smelling from their excrement.

Dakkir's Rock
Dakkir’s Rock (click for 1200 dpi)

Dakkir's Rock
Dakkir’s Rock (1200 dpi, no grid)

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Why Wildshaping into an Owlbear Won’t Break Your D&D Game


The trailer for the new D&D movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves dropped this week. The trailer features a clip where the druid wild shapes into an owlbear!

“But wait,” rules lawyers insist, “a druid can’t turn into an owlbear!”

Technically, they’re right. By the book, druids turn into beasts. And the owlbear is a monstrosity. But it hasn’t always been that way.

What Monster Type Are Owlbears?

Owlbears are one of D&D’s original monsters, going back to a grab bag of plastic toys that Gary Gygax used as miniatures. But, monsters didn’t have types back then. When creatures were first assigned types in 3rd Edition (3e), owlbears were magical beasts. In 4th edition (4e), D&D combined two monster types and made owlbears into fey beasts.

5th Edition (5e) doesn’t have multiple creature types (yet), so when the 5e Monster Manual was printed, they needed to trim down…

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Hell’s Rebels #56: Jackdaw’s Prison

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter, the party did a daring attack on Rizovair, defeating the great dragon that rested atop Kintargo Keep! After Malcolm was sent to a different dimension, the party reunited and began their jailbreak of one of the original Silver Ravens, Jackdaw herself!

8th of Rova, 4715 AR


We pick up in the middle of an intense intrusion into the great castle dominating the silhouette of Kintargo.  We were face-to-face with many of the Hellknights’ elite as well as the entire garrison’s commander, ready to receive us after we flew over the walls with apparent grace and humility.  Enough with the poetry; we bowled through them like a hot knife through butter.  

We delved deeper into the castle searching for the captured Silver Raven. This person in particular was a part of the original Silver Ravens from Kintargo’s past. We were surprised to even hear of her existence at…

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How An Old Game Controller Shaped Survival Horror Games

PekoeBlaze - the official blog

2022 Artwork Survival horror control schemes article sketch

Well, for this article in the second season of my “Horror Videogames Series“, I thought that I’d ramble about how an old game controller shaped survival horror games. But, before I talk about game consoles, I’m going to have to start by talking about the lack of mouse controls in PC ports of older survival horror games.

This was a topic I first ended up thinking about after seeing an LGR video about a keyboard-based joystick from the 1990s. This silly gadget made me think about the “weird” keyboard controls for the PC ports of some older survival horror games – such as using the “Z”, “X,”, “C” etc.. buttons in the bottom left of the keyboard. Plus the arrow keys for movement. Sometimes, they would also make you to the “F9” key or something random like that to exit the game.

Although, to my surprise, this wasn’t…

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D&D Tactics for Theater of the Mind

The Nerdd

Dungeons & Dragons is, at it’s core, a game about killing monsters. It does a lot of other things as well, things that I usually enjoy more, but if you look at the rules and system the game is built on and around, it’s obvious that the whole thing is designed for fighting monsters. Not only that, but it’s really designed around putting minifigures on a grid to represent you and the monsters, based on spells and abilities.

Many people love to break out the grid and minis, look at the fight from a birds eye view, and get into positioning. In fact, when the Dungeon Masters Guide explains Area of Effect, Flanking, Cover, Speed, and Line of Sight, it does so in context of the grid. So for people that love tactical combat, these are the things they have learned how to master. What if you are playing with…

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Original Adventures Reincarnated (2018-): Faithful Celebrations of Old School (A)D&D Modules from Goodman Games

Wayne's Books

One of my new loves is the hardcover series, Original Adventures Reincarnated from Goodman Games.

Each focuses on a classic module from 1980s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons / D&D, explores the adventure thoroughly, and faithfully expands on the original material. They follow a similar formula: Introductions and recollections by creators and commentators in the RPG community, followed by a full reproduction of the original module, and then wraps up with a D&D 5e conversion, plus a number of new, optional encounters and adventure areas linked to the original.

They are beautiful books. Inside, each has art by excellent artists in the old school tradition – with frequent all-new Erol Otus illustrations.

Goodman Games publishes these volumes, authorized by Wizards of the Coast. While they are all still in print, available at GMG, I suspect these will go out of print and enter the collectible realm one day. There are…

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Vaughn’s Top 10 one-handed video games (updated)

Real Women of Gaming

Now that I’ve been exploring video games even more as a disabled gamer, I’ve found even more games that can be played using just 1 hand. For those of you who don’t know, I currently only have functional use of one of my hands, so I had to change how I played video games. One way that I changed was changing how I select the games I play. PC games must allow for keybind changes or have a mouse only option. I don’t really play console games anymore because of my disability. PC gaming is generally more adaptable to physical disabilities, in my experience. So, without further ado, Here is my updated top 10 one-handed video games list.

10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch

This is a carryover from my last list. The Nintendo Switch’s ability to remap keybinds makes it possible to remap ACNH’s controls to just…

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Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Go-To Character Name?

Ever since I was a little kid, I would get so excited to play a new game and then quickly become paralyzed with indecision when I had to name my character to start a save file. What if the name I chose wasn’t cool enough? What if it didn’t accurately represent the character I was trying to play? Do I go the boring route, and just name the character “Mark”, after me? Do I try to be funny and name the character something it would be funny to see other characters say throughout the game? Often times, I would just call the character “AAAAAAAAAAAA” because that was what was going on inside my head. Hopefully, you are able to make better decisions, and you have a go-to name for your playthrough. What do you usually name your video game character?

These days, I’ve made a ‘decide once’ decision, and always…

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Lance Roberts’ Mini Dungeons

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Lance Roberts’ Mini Dungeons – Dysonized (300 dpi promo)

In a discussion about my maps, Lance Roberts showed off his super-simple small dungeon maps that he creates and I really liked the simplicity and the designs of the pieces in question. So, I asked if he was cool with me trying them out in my style and he graciously agreed. These four mini dungeon maps are the result.

Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Mini Dungeons (1200 dpi)

Lance Roberts' Mini Dungeons - Dysonized
Mini Dungeons (1200 dpi, no grid)

This is actually the work that got me started trying out the five room dungeon designs I’ve been releasing every Monday. Drawing these four “simple” dungeons was a lot of fun, and I started having a bunch of ideas on how to make five-encounter dungeon maps interesting – a mix of sprawling and tight maps with different types of encounter spaces and unusual rooms. So a big thank-you to Lance for both…

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Nintendo Adds 3 New Titles to Switch Online Service

Nintendo has added three new games to their Nintendo Switch Online service. Today’s release features:

Super Nintendo Entertainment System:

  • Kirby’s Avalanche
  • Fighter’s History

Nintendo Entertainment System:


The release is part of Nintendo’s ongoing commitment to add new content to its virtual library. Some have criticized the gaming giant for not adding enough AAA titles. While today’s release won’t satisfy those hoping for Diddy Kong Racing and other long-requested hits, it does continue to expand the platform’s offerings and also provides players with a chance to play games they might have previously missed.

Tell us what you think! Are you…

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