DMs Guild: Accolades and Achievements

Superior Realities

Have a few tidbits of news to bring you from the world of Dungeon Masters Guild.

Cover art for my best-selling 5E subclass, the Reanimator artificer.Firstly, my artificer subclass, the Reanimator, has earned its copper best-seller badge. Its the first of my standalone subclasses to do so. Another of my subclasses, the Demonic Bloodline sorcerer, is very close to doing the same, but with how sporadic long tail sales can be, it’s hard to know exactly when it’ll cross that line.

Remember you can always find a list of all my RPG projects, including but not limited to my DMs Guild releases, on the appropriate page.

I’m not the only one receiving some accolades lately, though. My co-writer on the Wyrd Street campaign, Shu Qing Tan, has just been nominated for an ENNIE award in the Best Organized Play category for her adventure Two Hearts Apart. This is the adventure that convinced me to hire her…

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My 2022 in Gaming So Far

The Ancient Gaming Noob

One of the other things the Steam Summer Sale tends to spark in me is a review of my gaming so far in the year.  One thing that happened in the first half of 2022 was that a new title took over as my most played game on Steam.

My Steam top ten titles

I think Civilization V has been at the top of the list since I made my current Steam account back in 2010… and I did that because you had to have a Steam account to play.  I was kind of against Steam back then, but have clearly softened on it as an option over the years.

Now, however, Valheim has taken over the top spot, managing to do so in less than 18 months.  That says something about me or Valheim or both I suppose.

Anyway, Valheim got there by being my most played title…

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What’s All The Backstory For?

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

Reading roleplaying sourcebooks, one of the common and usually pretty extensive sections of any setting will be the history. You know, the long exposition of the big backstory of the world as it is in the game. Examples include the history of Glorantha, the history of the Third Imperium, or the history of the World of Darkness.

What is this stuff actually for? I love to read it but I really do wonder what the purpose of this stuff might be.

Most roleplayers are not interacting with the backstory of the world. The players are exploring the world as it is today through the lens of their character’s perception but most of the backstory is not immediately relevant to them. The GM is usually busy making up new situations for the characters as they are today, not really fussing over re-creating the stories of the past.

I suppose you could…

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DungeonMorphs – Sewers Set 1

Dyson's Dodecahedron

One of the final stretch goals of the recent DungeonMorphs IV Kickstarter was to include an alternate version of the DungeonMorph cards (2.5″ x 2.5″ cards of the geomorphs) in the style of one of the artists involved in the design. That artist was ME! So now that all the different geomorph designs are in for each die, I’m in the process of redrawing the various designs in my style.

DungeonMorphs - Sewers 1
DungeonMorphs – Sewers 1 (1200 dpi)

I’m doing these redraws one “die” at a time. The geomorphs have been assigned faces on the DungeonMorph Dice, and I’m translating them not by artist, but by die. So this is the first die of the sewers set.

DungeonMorphs - Sewers 1
DungeonMorphs – Sewers 1 (1200 dpi, no grid)

I’ll admit it is a little bit weird taking high-detail designs by BilliamBabble and Alyssa Faden and working them to my style – they both drew geomorphs…

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How long does a crowdfunded MMO have before people lose interest?

Bio Break

Now that we’ve watched over a decade of MMORPG crowdfunding from platforms like Kickstarter and seen how the ensuing development’s gone, we’ve seen some tank, some succeed, some fall into development hell, and some still working toward a release. But one thing that’s been different about crowdfunded MMOs is the sheer length of time that it takes for most of these projects to go from announcement/conception to delivery.

Looking back at the earlier MMORPGs in the first few generations, studios pumped them out far more quickly than today. EverQuest took two years to make, World of Warcraft about five, and Star Wars Galaxies three years. But with advances in graphics, technology, and feature expectation, those times started to lengthen while the industry started to pull back on making them altogether. Smaller teams with more limited budgets are going to require more time to produce a comparable product, that’s for sure.

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Playlist: Games As A Gateway

Gaming Omnivore

If you spend any amount of time online the past couple weeks, you are no doubt aware that the final four episodes of Stranger Things’ fourth season were released only two weeks ago. The show has been Netflix’s biggest property for a few years now, so it’s not surprising to hear about the massive viewer numbers while scrolling social media. Among all the Stranger Things conversation was the use of the Metallica song “Master of Puppets” during the final episodes, which has led to a resurgence of popularity for the band’s thrash metal epic from 1986. In the earlier episodes of season 4, the Kate Bush song “Running Up That Hill” was used in a few different key moments, which also resulted in a massive popularity surge for the song, it even found its way back on the Billboard Top 100 charts.

The inspiration for today’s post comes from the…

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Boss Rush Banter: Can PAX’s ReedPop Revive E3 2023?

E3 recently tweeted that they have partnered with ReedPop in their return to Los Angeles in June 2023. Next year’s E3 convention has been confirmed to include both in-person and digital showcases, and it will continue to be open to consumers. However, many in the gaming industry have long commented that E3 has become obsolete when publishers began presenting their own showcases and figured the COVID-19 pandemic was the last nail in the coffin. While many continued to believe E3’s return in 2023 will be a “failure to launch” situation, does their partnership with ReedPop breathe new hope and life into the convention?

ReedPop is famously known for running several large name events including New York’s Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, EGX, and PAX. Many of these events focuses on celebrating content creation. For example, PAX East has a beefy exhibit hall where gamers can test out games in development…

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Exhausted Speculation

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

Some days work just drains all the energy I have, leaving me exhausted. This is a mental affliction more than a physical one, but it is depleting nonetheless. On days such as these, I need my hobby as much or more than ever.

Some might argue that the last thing we should do when we are exhausted is engage in our imaginative hobbies. They might say that vegetating in front of Netflix, the great passive pastime of our age, would be best because then we can rest our mental faculties.

Others might argue for some simple rest – gazing out the window is a personal favourite – and praise us for putting up our feet, Hobbitlike.

As appealing as this sounds, for me the best recovery comes from allowing myself time to drift and play around with imaginative things. Not to do anything specific but rather to allow my wayward…

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Notable Games Coming to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox This Week — 11th July to 17th July

We hope that you like PC games because this week’s releases are practically all about the PC thanks to last month’s PC gaming event during Summer Games Fest. If you’re a big fan of platformers, this week is for you!

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 (image courtesy and © 2016, 2022 Inti Creates)

Here are the new games coming to PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox this week across both physical and digital formats so you will know what’s coming out for your favorite Sony or Microsoft systems. Enjoy and remember to come back every week for all info about game releases!

11 July

© 2022 Sekai Project

  • Neon Blight | PC

12 July

© 2020 tinyBuild

  • Hellpoint | PS5 & Xbox Series X
  • Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition | PC
  • Xel | PC
  • Krut: The Mythic Wings | PS5 & PS4
    (also on: PC, Xbox Series X, XB1)
  • Century: Age…

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