Boss Rush Banter: Which Video Game Console Startup is Best?

There’s something alluring about the startup sound on your video game console.

After a long day of working, school, or any other responsibility, it’s nice to just sit down and play your favorite video game. As you turn on the system, the startup sound and graphic welcomes you back like an old friend.

Regardless of what console you play, these sounds and chimes set the stage for a good gaming session.

What’s fascinating about these startup chimes and graphics is they’re all different. Furthermore, each company changes them each generation, leaving us with a host of different ones that live in our memories forever.

I’ve always been a Nintendo player so I have various memories on the consoles of my life.

Memorable Examples from Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation

Video Credit: Nintendo (via Ant DiClementi)

First and foremost, my favorite is the startup sound the GameCube makes. Watching that purple cube…

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