Man-to-Man With GURPS

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Sitting down to play Hiraeth the other day, I was suddenly struck by how much simpler this would all be if I used GURPS instead of AD&D2e. That thought spawned another, the idea that I have been hankering to explore the genesis and evolution of GURPS. How has the game changed? How would it feel to go back and play through the journey SJ Games took fans of GURPS through from 1985 until 2004, with the arrival of GURPS 4th Edition?

To begin, I grabbed Man-to-Man off my shelf. I also grabbed by 1st Edition GURPS Boxed Set and my Third Edition Revised rulebook. I would explore the game through the lens of a couple of characters. I would begin with a warrior.

Man-to-Man presents the combat system of the proto-GURPS. It’s nominally a fantasy set of rules but there is no magic. In many ways, it’s more like a…

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