Using Epic Boons as 5e Rewards

The Nerdd

I spend a lot of time watching what I call my “D&D Coaches” on YouTube. Matt Colville and Dael Kingsmill are my main two, but also Ginny Di and The Dungeon Coach are super valuable for my prep.

Well, a few months ago Matt Colville released a video on giving players Better Rewards.

So I watched that, but I was having a tough time thinking of Rewards to give the players. The goals were easy, as they would come up with them themselves, but what reward to match? Something that felt unique to that players challenge, but also helpful and makes sense.

Then, Ginny Di over the weekend released one on giving players better loot. Well, loot wasn’t really what I was looking for, but in a throwaway line, she mentioned how the Epic Boons, meant for PCs over Level 20, could be scaled down and used as rewards as…

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