Nostalgia: How Late ’90s Computer Games Shaped my Love for Gaming

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As far back as I could remember I’ve always had an interest in video games.

Some of my earliest consoles included the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo 64, both of which set solid foundations for what would be a memorable future in gaming. These consoles, however, weren’t what solidified my love for the medium. It was gaming on the computer.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood near inner-city Los Angeles. As such, we didn’t leave our driveway when playing outside.

An alternative was to boot up one of the multiple gaming options in my home. The TV was often in use so the computer was where I’d go.

The Computer Games of my Childhood

A view from the point-and-click puzzle game Riven. Image Credit:Lutris

Home computers were newer in the late ‘90s and the Internet was still stuck behind a phone cord that plugged into the wall. Without…

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