Boss Rush Banter: What’s Your Favorite Underwater Music in a Game?

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There are so many iconic music tracks from underwater levels and water areas in games. The music in these sections is sometimes relaxing, sometimes upbeat, sometimes a little creepy, and other times a mix of all of these. There’s just something about underwater levels that pulls something special from the right composer. What’s your favorite underwater music in a video game?

Underwater levels in games often serve as a small, infrequent gameplay mix-up. In those situations the music has to change to match. The pacing of the game has just shifted. The mechanics are usually different, such as in a platformer where you’re now swimming instead of jumping. It may be because of this quirk that underwater level music often stands out.

Who can forget the classic original underwater theme from Super Mario Bros.? While all the music in the Mario series can be appreciated, the underwater music is…

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