5RD – The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle
The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle (300 dpi, no commercial license)

Not much is left of the fortifications of Sagemane Castle. Razed by eldritch-enhanced explosives when the dwarves announced their arrival to assist in the great war against the elves – only this one part of the outer bailey and some underground elements remain.

The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle
The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle (1200 dpi)

A few tower foundations still remain, now reduced to almost cubelike remnants with the upper levels blown off. One has to be accessed from an underground passage or by smaller creatures crawling in through the arrow slits. The other main point of interest is an old crypt of one of the lesser Sagemane bloodlines. The crypt entrance is maintained by a few lowly half-elves who live in the nearby forest and come into the ruins late at night to clear away plants and debris around the entrance and…

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