AD&D 2e Gold Fighting Dragons DM Screen (1989 – 1994): A Visual Guide to Printings

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition made many format changes versus 1st. (Ex: A 3-ring monster binder instead of the earlier hardcover Monster Manual) Likewise the Dungeon Master Screen 2e was now one 3-panel screen instead of the two 3-panel screens of 1e.

I think they got exactly the tables a DM would likely need. Saving Throws, THACO, other combat modifiers, Turning Undead, Thief abilities, Encounter Reactions, Armor Class, Initiative and Surprise, Weapons. And then on the player-facing side, several relevant tables repeat. Pretty slick. I used this screen in my AD&D 2nd edition years, and recall being satisfied with it.

There was also a mini adventure, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore. Never played that one.

The DM Screen 2e had a long run, long enough to have 3 different TSR logos. More on that below.

Dungeon Master’s Screen (2nd edition)

1989-1994 … Jean and Bruce Rabe (module)…

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