Using a Medieval Bestiary for D&D Monsters

The Nerdd

In Dungeons & Dragons, you come across a lot of monsters. The Monster Manual alone has about 350 pages, with an average of over one stat block per page. Add on Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse, at 250 pages, and all of the other books, many with monsters specific to those settings, adventures, areas, etc. There are a lot of monsters.

If you try to explain Vanilla Fantasy to someone, often times you’ll use the word Medieval, as the basis of the game is the Knight fighting a Dragon to save the Princess. However, a lot of monster designs aren’t actually based on the classically Medieval belief system, as they were primarily all metaphors for a lesson in the Christian faith.

Well, I found a website called The Medieval Bestiary that has collected dozens of Medieval beliefs about various creatures. I went through every one, and brought what I…

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