D&D Diary – The Forge of Fury – Session 3

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Our heroes descend into the Glitterhame, the roster changes again, and we attempt to subdue a classic old school monster.

Tales from the Yawning Portal thumbWe continue our dungeon delve into the Yawning Portal.

When last we left our heroes, what started out as a creative plan to sneak through an orc stronghold turned to utter anarchy when one player did something deliberately stupid and the entire orc tribe descended upon them en mass. What should have turned into a Total Party Kill was averted by legitimate tactical planning (a rarity for these guys), and a little DM fudgery. The players thought that they had cheated death once again, all on their own, and I didn’t want to ruin their joyous celebration with the truth.

But they didn’t escape unscathed. The dwarven cleric was unconscious and everyone else was severely wounded and exhausted (narratively, not mechanically). Even worse, we had to say goodbye to…

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