Boss Rush Banter: Who is Your Favorite Character From Street Fighter?

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Fighting games have now hit a level where choosing a main character is a bigger choice than what car you’re looking to buy. In between abilities, combos, and advanced EVO strategies, your pick in characters is like choosing a career path in college. Which might explain why my Studies in E. Honda degree now gathers dust. I knew I should have minored in Balrog-ology!

So, who is your favorite character from Street Fighter?

While the series has been around since 1987, its rise to prominence came with the release of Street Fighter II in arcades in 1991. The heaps of praise laid onto the game are never ending: Its revolutionary special move system remains the standard. It reinvigorated the arcade industry. It’s the highest selling third-party game on the SNES, and the list goes on. But the biggest improvement it brought to competitive gaming, for the sake of this…

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