Living Ship – “The Bigjammer”

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Living Ship - "The Bigjammer"
Living Ship – “The Bigjammer” (low resolution)

With this week’s release of the new D&D 5th edition Spelljammer books (featuring a bunch of my redraws of classic Spelljammer deckplans, and a few new ones), I’m excited to release this “non-canon” ship deckplan that I drew for George Loki Williams’ campaign in the same style as the deck plans I did for the D&D5e book.

The Spelljammer itself is a massive living ship that can maintain a population of thousands but requires no actual crew to operate. It reproduces by spawning a hundred or so smaller versions of itself known as “Smalljammers” that grow to the size of a small spelljamming vessel until the Spelljammer itself dies, then one of the smalljammers begins to grow to become the next Spelljammer.

Living Ship - "The Bigjammer"
Living Ship – “The Bigjammer” (high resolution)

However, it appears that this system is not a perfect process. Here we have…

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