Boss Rush Banter: Does Nintendo’s Success Upset You?

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On a recent episode of Nintendo Pow Block, Corey, LaMont, and I had a discussion about some of Nintendo’s very own titles selling over a million physical copies. As Corey was reading the list, the majority of the Switch library, regardless if it was a port, sequel, or new IP, hit more than 1 million sales. With the console still selling at a steady pace and more games coming out, it seems that Nintendo is being successful with their products and software. Though it begs the question: Is this upsetting?

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Image courtesy of Nintendo

I find it puzzling, yet fascinating when some gamers say that Nintendo doesn’t have the games or content they are looking for. That the company doesn’t have the big titles and developers wanting to get their games on the current console. It puzzles me because Nintendo offers…

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