Top 10 Gifts For Your DM

Real Women of Gaming

As players we love to roll dice, kill monsters, and not have to deal with the crunchy side of things on the other side of the DM screen. If you really appreciate your DM and want to show some gratitude here is a list of gifts in no particular order

1: Dice. We all love dice in this fandom. More click clack math rocks to roll around is always good. It’s an even better gift if your DM needs an infusion of luck

2: Offer to run a one-shot. Seriously most of us know a forever DM who rarely gets to play. Dip your toe in the water and give them a brief vacation

3: A dice tray. Sure it’s very close to dice, but a new tower, carrying case, or tray to present them awesome crits they roll is awesome.

4: Food. If you play face to face, prep…

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