5RD – The Wretched Reliquary

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Wretched Reliquary
The Wretched Reliquary (300 dpi promo)

Befouled by a necrotic miasma, this reliquary of the Sarmodath faith is but a remnant of its former glory. Gilt columns and buttresses now black and ruined, ornate stonework decaying and crumbling to the touch… everything diseased in its way.

The main hall (area 1) has three openings to the reliquary above (area 5) – two slot-like holes in the floor that were likely implemented for ventilation, and a larger hole where the floor collapsed directly above the collapsed floor in the lower right corner of the hall.

The Wretched Reliquary
The Wretched Reliquary (1200 dpi)

Area 2 is reached by climbing down steps of rubble into a whole collapsed section of the reliquary, reduced to a single chamber, the south wall of which is dominated by several large columns, half buried in the collapsed stonework. In the chamber with the stairs up to the reliquary level…

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