How To Set Up Xbox Cloud Gaming and Link Your Game Pass to the Steam Deck

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So, you finally received your Steam Deck. Next to the convenience of PC gaming on the go with your Steam account, many wondered, How can I link my Game Pass account? There are a few convoluted YouTube videos that I sifted through during the painful hours figuring this out, and my goal to differentiate this How To from the others is to break it down and simplify the process as best I can.

So, is it possible to connect to your Game Pass account on the Steam Deck?

Yes, but it’s through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which needs to be installed manually.


  1. Hit the STEAM button on the left lower side of the device and select POWER.
  2. Under the POWER menu, select Switch to Desktop.

3. You will now enter Desktop mode. It’s a little unsettling, and I HIGHLY recommend a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Technically, you…

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