System Review: Taito Egret II Mini… And All 40 Games!

Retro Arcadia

Over the course of the past year or so, the Sega Astro City Mini has firmly established itself as one of my favourite consoles of all time; the form factor, the build quality, the arcade stick and not least the fantastic line-up of games have elevated it right up there with the likes of the PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance SP! To say I’m excited about the prospect of the Astro City Mini V would be an understatement, with its vertical screen to get the most out of its selection of shoot ‘em up’s greatest hits, and especially for me, Batsugun, a top three favourite in the genre, as well as Armed Police Batrider, Gunbird and Strikers 1945. Actually, all of them! Anyway, that might be some time off yet here in the West, which gives us plenty of time to jump over and see what Taito are…

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