One D&D To Rule Them All

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Lords, ladies, lads, and lasses, here we go again. It’s difficult as a gamer in my age bracket to not think that a new version of a TTRPG isn’t more than a money grab. That was my initial reaction. I’m still not convinced it isn’t true.

5th Edition D&D came out in 2014. With the 10th anniversary of this edition, and the 50th anniversary of the game as a whole, there will be a lot hype between now and then. Our weird fandom is now considered mainstream. I’ve watched the announcement video and the plans they have for it: Doing away with editions, having their own Virtual Table Top (VTT) using the Unreal engine, and expanding their use of D&D Beyond to include hardbacks alongside the PDFs of new books. The next preorder campaign is priced at $59.99 and is set in the Dragonlance setting.

I don’t blame them. I…

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