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Dungeons & Dragons is the best RPG in the universe. What could possibly make it better? D&D in Space!

Astral Guide thumbI am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been…

In the glory days of old school D&D, the parent company, TSR Inc. (R.I.P., good buddy), had created a number of Campaign Settings for players to adventure in. Greyhawk, Mystara, Dragonlance, and the one we currently all play in, The Forgotten Realms. Well, way, way back in 1989, they created a new campaign setting that could bridge the gap and connect all these different universes. That’s right kids, long before the MCU confused you with the multiverse, D&D confounded its players with Spelljammer!

untitledAh, the good old days. When heroes were good, squids were evil, and bikinis counted as armor.

At its core, Spelljammer is a rules-light, fantasy world where heroes sail the skies on magical…

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