5RD – The Traveller’s Well

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Traveller's Well
The Traveller’s Well (300 dpi promo)

A strange gate to distant lands is under the badlands near Fort Redshield. Stairs lead down to a cavern / sinkhole that is partially open to the sky above. The bottom of the space contains a pool that is refreshed by the rains and occasionally overflows in inclement weather, leading to the flooding of the cavern to the west which has a near-perpetual pool of scummy stagnant water in it.

The Traveller's Well
The Traveller’s Well (1200 dpi)

In the southern cave are a number of near-perfect spheres protruding from the cave walls. These iridescent orbs are inherently magical and are probably the fruit of some bizarre otherworldly mushroom who’s spores came here through the gate…

And that brings us to the gate. Massive pillars of bismuth stand 30 feet apart with a strange magical field between them – a portal to other places, other worlds, even…

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