D&D and Video Games

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D&D a popular series of tabletop RPG’s has been around for a while… since 1974 to be exact. Early video game adaptions were a products of their time to say the least. Archaic by what we have today they were ground breaking back then. The first official video game adaption appears in the late 80’s. Pool of radiance(circa 1988) is the first official game that was licensed officially as a D&D video game.

Pool of Radiance’s was designed by designersJim Ward,David Cook,Steve Winter, andMike Breault. Many of these people were very influential in the development of AD&D and the further development of tabletops and and writing for other Intellectual properties over the years. Several sequels were released over the next few years for Poole of Radiance. Curse of the Azure Bonds(1989),Secret of the Silver Blades(1990), andPools of Darkness

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