One D&D and the Subscriber Model of Doom

Vytautas Malesh

Whenever anyone starts talking about “creating an experience,” it’s time to watch your wallet, and that’s not even the worst of your worries.

I’ve been playing dungeons and dragons, and games like it, since the 1980s. I’m hardly a grognard – I’m wide open to change in the form of streamlining and simplifying rules, expanding inclusion and representation, and making the product and role playing more accessible for all.

While there are things in D&D I maybe don’t always love all the time, D&D has generally been “my thing” for about 40 years now.

And yeah, now I’m looking at this next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons, One D&D, and getting a little bit of the “icks.”

All images are from the old 4th edition VTT – which was basically sadtrombone.wav

It’s not the rules per se – I think that with the first release of the character generation rules…

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