Dungeons & Dragons’ Race Problem

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With the new rules for One D&D, or 5.5e as I call it, we are getting new rules when it comes to character generation, specifically when you choose your Race.

In most of D&D history, including the initial release of 5e, you received Ability Score Improvements based on your Race. Elves got bonuses in Dexterity, Dwarves in Constitution, Half-orcs in Strength, every single Race usually got two bonus points in one stat, and another bonus point in another stat. This is saying that Dragonborns are just inherently stronger than other races, Gnomes are inherently smarter, and Tieflings are inherently more charismatic.

<Sam Santala>

Then, we got to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, where those Ability Score Improvements were open for you to place wherever you felt made the most sense with your character. Now, with the One D&D playtest rules, your Ability Score Improvements are based on your…

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