The Games I Didn’t Cover (But Wanted To)

Frostilyte Writes

In life, there is only one rule I try to abide by: live your life without regrets. After squandering so many opportunities throughout my time, I decided one day that enough was enough. Now I ask myself the following whenever I’m presented with a decision: how are you going to feel if you don’t do this? If I determine that I’ll regret ignoring it, then I jump on the opportunity.

While my philosophy of living without regret manifests daily, the best recent example of it would be Chives. I was out on a walk and saw a stray cat curled up in a bush. She clearly needed medical attention as her eye was all goobery. I decided to take her home, and nurse her back to health. Ever since I’ve had a tiny white goblin running around my living quarters.

Adopting Chives was a fairly big decision to make, but…

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