Boss Rush Banter: Do People Care Less About Social Issues in the Gaming Industry?

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Let me begin by stating I’m not accusing gamers for a lack of empathy to social issues; however, the question asked in today’s banter should spark a healthy discussion. Why? Issues ranging from racism, sexism, and harassment run rampant in mainstream media. The dark underbelly of corporations and Hollywood are revealed and draw an uproar to the public. While we are far from expunging social issues I’ve mentioned, it appears that any of the like in the video game industry generally gets overlooked…until the Activision Blizzard scandal blew up. It actually made headlines at non-gaming focused news arenas such as CNN and The Washington Post.

Toxic work environments and inequality in the video game industry exist and rarely make it to mainstream media, and sometimes the indifference is felt in the gaming community (or “mainstream” gaming community). The few outspoken voices tend to be swallowed in the black hole of…

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