DungeonMorphs – Crypts Set 1

Dyson's Dodecahedron

One of the final stretch goals of the recent DungeonMorphs IV Kickstarter was to include an alternate version of the DungeonMorph cards (2.5″ x 2.5″ cards of the geomorphs) in the style of one of the artists involved in the design. That artist was ME! So now that all the different geomorph designs are in for each die, I’m in the process of redrawing the various designs in my style.

DungeonMorphs - Crypts Set 1
DungeonMorphs – Crypts Set 1

I’m doing these redraws one “die” at a time. The geomorphs have been assigned faces on the DungeonMorph Dice, and I’m translating them not by artist, but by die. So this is the first die of the crypts set. (There are a total of 24 dice in the various sets, so I’ve got a lot of geomorphs to draw!)

DungeonMorphs - Crypts Set 1
DungeonMorphs – Crypts Set 1 (no grid)

I’ll admit it is a little bit weird taking…

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How To Set Up Xbox Cloud Gaming and Link Your Game Pass to the Steam Deck

So, you finally received your Steam Deck. Next to the convenience of PC gaming on the go with your Steam account, many wondered, How can I link my Game Pass account? There are a few convoluted YouTube videos that I sifted through during the painful hours figuring this out, and my goal to differentiate this How To from the others is to break it down and simplify the process as best I can.

So, is it possible to connect to your Game Pass account on the Steam Deck?

Yes, but it’s through Xbox Cloud Gaming, which needs to be installed manually.


  1. Hit the STEAM button on the left lower side of the device and select POWER.
  2. Under the POWER menu, select Switch to Desktop.

3. You will now enter Desktop mode. It’s a little unsettling, and I HIGHLY recommend a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Technically, you…

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System Review: Taito Egret II Mini… And All 40 Games!

Retro Arcadia

Over the course of the past year or so, the Sega Astro City Mini has firmly established itself as one of my favourite consoles of all time; the form factor, the build quality, the arcade stick and not least the fantastic line-up of games have elevated it right up there with the likes of the PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance SP! To say I’m excited about the prospect of the Astro City Mini V would be an understatement, with its vertical screen to get the most out of its selection of shoot ‘em up’s greatest hits, and especially for me, Batsugun, a top three favourite in the genre, as well as Armed Police Batrider, Gunbird and Strikers 1945. Actually, all of them! Anyway, that might be some time off yet here in the West, which gives us plenty of time to jump over and see what Taito are…

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One D&D – Character Origins

Dungeon Master Assistance

I am sure you have seen the announcement by now. If you missed it, here is a link:

WotC Announcement

This is all in preparation for the new version of D&D that is scheduled to be released in 2024. They are calling it “ONE D&D” for now. They are getting away from release or edition numbers. If you are familiar with the software AutoCAD, they did the same thing some years back. After release 14 of AutoCAD came AutoCAD 2000, then AutoCAD 2002, etc. It looks like this is what they will be doing with Dungeons and Dragons. They may also change the official name from “Dungeons and Dragons” to “D&D”. I noticed that they are now referring to the fifth edition Player’s Handbook as the 2014 Player’s Handbook.

Note regarding Editions: Not referring to different releases of D&D as editions is not a new idea for D&D…

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4 Tabletop Games I Played Last Night

The Nerdd

I love board games, card games, and Tabletop Roleplaying Games (like D&D). Last night I went over to a friends house, and we played four different games, and I thought it would fun to break down these games that I hadn’t heard of before, and spread some interesting games for your group to try out. All of these are fairly short, we spent an hour on average on each, sometimes playing one multiple times in that hour, others not actually finishing the game, but getting the idea.

Nothing here is sponsored, just a suggestion on interesting games.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

This game was like an update on Clue, where everyone is working together to find out who murdered Mr. Body. There are three characters you can play as. The first, is a Forensic Scientist, who knows who the murderer is, and can leave give clues as to who…

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Why Is There Not Another MMO Like EVE Online?

The Ancient Gaming Noob

Last week I wrote a couple of post about EVE Online, one about the cycle of the last year with CCP and the game and another about why players stick with the game even when CCP is doing things we don’t like.

In that latter post, one of my points was that there really is not a title out that that delivers the same, or even vaguely similar, experiences as EVE Online.  I ran through some examples of things that you can only find in New Eden in order to support my case.

A good day to see doomsday weapons firing

And then Bhagpuss showed up in the comments to ask why nobody had made something like EVE Online once the title had shown it was a success.  He made the parallel between EverQuest, which achieved what seemed like huge success back in the day, surpassing 550K…

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Notable Games Coming to PlayStation, PC, and Xbox This Week — 22nd August to 28th August

It’s that time! The Fall Season is here and is headlined by the return of a AAA franchise title! Several big hitters are inbound starting including the Saints Row reboot. Get ready, because the gaming calendar is going to get cramped really fast in the coming weeks.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance(© 2022Image: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Here are the new games coming to PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox this week across both physical and digital formats so you will know what’s coming out for your favorite Sony or Microsoft systems. Enjoy and remember to come back every week for all info about game releases!

23 August

© 2022Deep Silver Volition

  • Saints Row | PS5 & PS4
    (also on: PC, Xbox Series X, XB1)
  • Total War: Warhammer 3 – Immortal Empires | PC
  • Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory / Fallen Legion Revenants | PS5 & Xbox Series X

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Boss Rush Banter: How Do You Play Your Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has given players unprecedented power over their own gaming experience.

Since 2017, Switch gamers have the option to play games one of three ways: on the TV via docked mode, in their hands via handheld mode, or with a controller on the handheld console via tabletop mode.

Even within docked mode, gamers can choose a variety of ways to utilize the controllers.

So, which method is your preferred way to play?

Docked or Handheld?

I asked this question to the Nintendo POW Block crew earlier this year, and the answers came back how I expected: mixed.

The great aspect of the Switch is it gives you the freedom to choose without limiting you. If life necessitates you to pull away from the TV, you can play via handheld.

I’m a bit of an old-school gamer in that I really enjoy playing on the TV. That’s not to…

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5RD – The Wretched Reliquary

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Wretched Reliquary
The Wretched Reliquary (300 dpi promo)

Befouled by a necrotic miasma, this reliquary of the Sarmodath faith is but a remnant of its former glory. Gilt columns and buttresses now black and ruined, ornate stonework decaying and crumbling to the touch… everything diseased in its way.

The main hall (area 1) has three openings to the reliquary above (area 5) – two slot-like holes in the floor that were likely implemented for ventilation, and a larger hole where the floor collapsed directly above the collapsed floor in the lower right corner of the hall.

The Wretched Reliquary
The Wretched Reliquary (1200 dpi)

Area 2 is reached by climbing down steps of rubble into a whole collapsed section of the reliquary, reduced to a single chamber, the south wall of which is dominated by several large columns, half buried in the collapsed stonework. In the chamber with the stairs up to the reliquary level…

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