Boss Rush Banter: What Games Do You Take Camping?

I know it seems counterintuitive to break away from the norms of city life, being surrounded by technology day in and day out, to play video games while camping. However, sometimes it’s nice to bring one slice of home with you; that is to assume you enjoy camping.

I camp off my motorcycle at least a few times a year, which limits me on how much I can take, however I have enough room to cram at least a book or two, and maybe a handheld video game system. When nighttime drops, and I’m alone in my tent, I fire up my handheld and play my go-tos. I suppose if you’re camping out of an RV, you have an option to bring a whole TV and even a console like any Playstation or Xbox piece of hardware. However for this banter I’m focusing on handheld systems and the catalogue of…

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GURPS Fourth Edition

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

We arrive back where we started: GURPS Fourth Edition. The other day I sat down to create a wizard character and decided, even after my trip through the earlier editions, to build it with the current rules. On the whole, it was a good experience and has me encouraged to play more.

The GURPS Fourth Edition Basic Set is clean and well-presented, very well referenced, pretty easy to use, and basically just what you need to get playing with GURPS. Despite all the chatter about complexity, the reality is that it’s a very simple game at core.

Of course, GURPS Fourth Edition intimidated the crap out of me for years and I am very late to the party. Why is it so scary? I used to think it’s the game itself – the myriad of choices and options is an easy thing to point at and scream, “Complexity!”

What makes…

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Are You Part of the 1% of Netflix Subscribers Who Play from Its Current Game Library?

In early November of 2021 Netflix launched its gaming sector with the release of five games, Stranger Things: 1984,Stranger Things 3, Teeter Up, Shooting Hoops,and Card Blast. Since the initial release the list has grown to 26 with a plan to have about 50 games in the library by years end. This is a manageable goal for Netflix as they have been acquiring a few indie studios and making deals with other gaming companies to bring games to the media giants’ portfolio.

Currently today Neflix has over 221 million subscribers who use the platform, however according to data collected by a tracking group called Apptopia, a minuscule portion of around 1.7 million users have downloaded and played the games. Though it has only been around 9 months since launch, Netflix will have to see where the return investment lies as it continues to expand with…

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Boss Rush Banter: Why Did the PlayStation 5’s Accolades System Fail?

According to The Sixth Axis, Sony will retire the Accolades system this fall, a feature unique to the PlayStation 5, because the company was not seeing significant usage. As a PS5 owner, I was shocked–primarily because I didn’t know it existed. So, what is this Accolades system? In any supporting multi-player games, you could award someone an Accolade: Helpful, Welcoming, Good Sport once per match. With this current gen console still high in demand, why did this fail?

While we have no absolute root-cause identified, I can speculate to contributing factors. Firstly, the chip shortage stunted the PS5’s initial launch and only recently are people seeing it become more readily available. However, even then, what about the percentage of those who do own a PS5? Well, the Accolades system is featured in multi-player games, and it would require developers to bake this feature into their games. I agree with…

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Blaugust 2022: The secret benefit from writing a gaming blog

Bio Break

Whether it’s crafting novels, jotting out love letters, or blogging about games, writing takes time. It’s a patently obvious fact, but I wanted to drag it out into the open because that’s where a lot of people stumble when they try to get into a routine of regular writing of any kind. Day One? Writing is no problem because you’re excited and it’s all new and novel! Day Twenty? Not so much.

So if you’re going to write regularly, you need motivation and good habits, because the words aren’t going to magically appear. They demand you sacrifice some of your time and don’t promise amazing results. It certainly helps if you love what you’re writing about (which, ideally, is all blogs).

But hey — I’m going to share a secret today. A little bit of encouragement to help you through those rough days of writing gaming blogs. And that’s…

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On Character Creation

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

Role-playing games are games about characters: Who they are, what they do, and what happens to them. In most games, a character is the lever through which the player interacts with the world, and even in broader games the actions of characters are still primary in terms of what happens. What this ends up meaning is that game setup for a role-player, the act of character creation, takes on much more importance than setting up would in most board, card, or other tabletop games.

Character creation is game setup, yes, but it’s also a game in and of itself, and was the solo act of role-playing well before solo games were popularized. Making characters is fun, and many of us who either couldn’t find people to play with or had more desire to game than time would make sheaves of characters who would never be played. As this was the…

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AD&D 2e Gold Fighting Dragons DM Screen (1989 – 1994): A Visual Guide to Printings

Wayne's Books

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition made many format changes versus 1st. (Ex: A 3-ring monster binder instead of the earlier hardcover Monster Manual) Likewise the Dungeon Master Screen 2e was now one 3-panel screen instead of the two 3-panel screens of 1e.

I think they got exactly the tables a DM would likely need. Saving Throws, THACO, other combat modifiers, Turning Undead, Thief abilities, Encounter Reactions, Armor Class, Initiative and Surprise, Weapons. And then on the player-facing side, several relevant tables repeat. Pretty slick. I used this screen in my AD&D 2nd edition years, and recall being satisfied with it.

There was also a mini adventure, Terrible Trouble at Tragidore. Never played that one.

The DM Screen 2e had a long run, long enough to have 3 different TSR logos. More on that below.

Dungeon Master’s Screen (2nd edition)

1989-1994 … Jean and Bruce Rabe (module)…

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How I Got Started in Content Creation

Many Welps

Well that sounds like a click-baity title….

Today, I’m writing from one of the Blaugust Prompts that related to this week’s Introduce Yourself theme. Taking a look at this list, most of these would fit the theme for this week so if you’re struggling to come up with something but want to write about yourself head over to the prompt list!

I’m working off of prompt #1: How did you get started in content creation?

I started writing on the Internet in 2014 after replying to someone on Reddit looking for people to review comic books for their site. At the time, I was just getting in to comics and thought it would be a fun way to spend my time.

There wasn’t any pay, of course, but I did get a whole slew of free comics from multiple publishers every week. It allowed me to stretch out my writing…

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5RD – The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle
The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle (300 dpi, no commercial license)

Not much is left of the fortifications of Sagemane Castle. Razed by eldritch-enhanced explosives when the dwarves announced their arrival to assist in the great war against the elves – only this one part of the outer bailey and some underground elements remain.

The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle
The Last Stones of Sagemane Castle (1200 dpi)

A few tower foundations still remain, now reduced to almost cubelike remnants with the upper levels blown off. One has to be accessed from an underground passage or by smaller creatures crawling in through the arrow slits. The other main point of interest is an old crypt of one of the lesser Sagemane bloodlines. The crypt entrance is maintained by a few lowly half-elves who live in the nearby forest and come into the ruins late at night to clear away plants and debris around the entrance and…

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Boss Rush Banter: What’s Your Favorite Underwater Music in a Game?

There are so many iconic music tracks from underwater levels and water areas in games. The music in these sections is sometimes relaxing, sometimes upbeat, sometimes a little creepy, and other times a mix of all of these. There’s just something about underwater levels that pulls something special from the right composer. What’s your favorite underwater music in a video game?

Underwater levels in games often serve as a small, infrequent gameplay mix-up. In those situations the music has to change to match. The pacing of the game has just shifted. The mechanics are usually different, such as in a platformer where you’re now swimming instead of jumping. It may be because of this quirk that underwater level music often stands out.

Who can forget the classic original underwater theme from Super Mario Bros.? While all the music in the Mario series can be appreciated, the underwater music is…

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