The Forever Dungeon Master

Real Women of Gaming

Lords, ladies, lads, lasses, I am Vinni the Troll, here once again to spread my wisdom. I’ve been playing D&D since roughly 1985. In the early days I had a tight circle of friends that I played with, and my DM was a brilliant and creative guy named George. We had a blast, playing most every Sunday after I could escape dinner at my Nana’s house. Eventually High School came and went, and the group grew apart.

After High school I found another group of friends who played, and met another DM, Tom. It was during those years at Tom’s apartment that I learned what a Forever DM was. Tom DM’d our games because nobody else would. I had empathy and I would begin to try my hand at it to give him a break. His luck as a DM was poor. “I can snatch defeat out of the jaws…

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