The Essence Of Videogame Genres

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Well, I thought that I’d talk briefly about videogames today. This was mostly because of an experience I had that made me think about videogame genres slightly differently. To set the scene, I’d finally got round to re-playing the sci-fi 3D platform game “Jak II: Renegade” (2003).

This was a game that, back in 2003, tried to do something a bit different with the genre. Unlike most other cartoonish 3D platform games on consoles at the time, it aimed itself at a slightly older audience with an edgier angst-ridden emotional tone, limited open world segments, “Grand Theft Auto”-type elements (involving cool “Fifth Element”/”Blade Runner”-inspired flying vehicles), a dystopian sci-fi setting that is also vaguely evocative of classics of the genre like Frank Herbert’s “Dune” (1965) and “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” (1977), a day/night cycle, some mild horror elements and all sorts of other timelessly…

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