Another Way That Videogame Walkthroughs Can Be Useful

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Well, I thought that I’d talk very briefly about another – slightly unusual – way that videogame walkthroughs can sometimes be useful. This only really applies to modern-style video walkthroughs and whilst – in my experience – it doesn’t “work” with literally every game (for example, it didn’t work when I tried to play the challenging horror game “Forbidden Siren”/”Siren” (2003-4) last year), it can be really cool when it does work 🙂

This article may contain very mild SPOILERS for “Jak II: Renegade” (2003).

In short, if you’re faced with a challenging part of a videogame which depends entirely on the player’s skill (rather than knowing puzzle solutions or anything), then watching online footage of other people completing this part of the game can sometimes give you a much-needed confidence boost.

As well as possibly giving you strategy tips, it can also show you that…

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