Facing the headwinds of MMO FOMO in late 2022

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Maybe the worst part about online games, other than the fact that they can disappear forever, is that they continue to operate even when you’re not playing them. The fact is that there are often more games than time allows, yet there’s no way to freeze an MMO until you’re ready for it. You have to make those decisions to do Thing A while Thing B proceeds without you.

This is made especially difficult when there’s a wave of FOMO blowing through the air. I’m feeling a lot of that lately, and it’s mildly frustrating as I barely have time these days to play two games, nevermind the six or seven that I’d want to. So instead of playing, I’ll grouse about them here and feel a bit better at having aired my first world gamer problem.

So what’s FOMOing lately? Well, there’s FFXIV’s latest patch, which seems to be…

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