5RD – Garnet’s Spring

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Garnet's Spring
Garnet’s Spring (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

The source of the Garnet river is a small spring and stream in the Brock Hills. The spring itself is surrounded by a set of 8 deep red stone pillars that were once of equal height, although two have been shortened by some violent damage. A further four of these pillars run the length of Garnet’s Hall overlooking the spring – evidently, the hall was once at least five feet longer than it currently is, but the front face of the hall has been destroyed and the hall now overlooks the spring like a broken toothy maw.

Garnet's Spring
Garnet’s Spring (1200 dpi)

There are four chambers in the hillside around the spring. Counter-clockwise from the lower left, we have a cavernous entrance with a sunken section in the middle. The entrance to the next chamber was once a beautifully decorated archway, the masonry…

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