Boss Rush Banter: What Comfort Games Do You Return Frequently?

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Admit it, we all have one.

We all have that game or games we always return to, regardless of the length of our backlogs. These games provide a comfort to use for a variety of reasons, a respite if you will from an ever-shifting menagerie of new games or titles.

That’s not to say playing a new game is bad or not fun. Rather, it’s about those games that bring you enough comfort that you find yourself playing them constantly despite the amount of new games you could be playing.

This is a similar concept to those TV shows that we just can’t seem to stop watching regardless of how many times we’ve seen them. For me, that show is The Office.

So admit it, we all have one.

Types of Comfort Games

That game can take many forms. Some really enjoy games that don’t have a set start…

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