D&D Diary – The Forge of Fury – Session 4

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Where we get slimed, get roped into a debate about stalagmites, and hunt for a suspiciously familiar hunk of humming metal. Oh, and one of us is murdered!

Forge Fury 3e Cover thumbAs told in the harrowing Tales From the Yawning Portal.

When last we left our heroes, they had descended into the 2nd level of the Forge of Fury, The Glitterhame. They were waylaid by some troglodytes (and their pet bear), they hypnotized a hook horror (and made it their own pet), and they made it to the enormous central cavern, where the minerals on the walls shined like distant stars in the inky, black void. They also managed to find one of the magical blades forged by the long lost Durgeddin tribe of dwarves, who were massacred hundreds of years ago by the ancestors of the orcs in the level above who were in turn massacred by this very band…

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