Have You Seen this Google-Maps-Style Breath of the Wild Map?

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Nassim Software, a fan of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, created an interactive game map for players to enjoy a breathtaking, 3-D street view of the game. Last year, Nassim Software wanted to be able to contemplate video game maps and designs, so they started a project that utilized the street-viewing component of Google Maps to do just that. 

Source:Nassim Software

Their completed maphas a total of 29 interactable teleports. Players can travel from Rito Village to the Akkala Wilds, or see things further South from Gerudo Tower to Cape Cales, each teleport showing off the spectacular landscapes of Breath of the Wild

Much like how Google Maps allows users to move around through arrows to nearby locations, Nassim Software’s map also allows users to travel to nearby teleports without returning to the full map. These teleports move only one way but give…

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