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Yesterday, I spent a little time playing around with the 1977 Traveller subsector design rules. Printing off a subsector map, I rolled 1D for each hex and populated the whole 8×10 hex grid with worlds. Following the rules, I rolled for Starport types at each world and then rolled for the trade routes. Picking a world near the centre of the map, I decided to roll up the stats for that system and… well, it got quite interesting.

0506 Iziyum D77653-6 doesn’t seem all that auspicious. Here’s what it meant to me:

  • A poor quality starport, although there is also a Scout base present.
  • 7000 miles diameter with a Standard but tainted atmosphere.
  • 60% water; 300,000 inhabitants.
  • Balkanised government: law level applies to the largest settlement near the starport.
  • Weapons controls on anything of a strict military nature – these are prohibited.
  • Tech Level 6 = autorifles, missiles/rocket launchers; Model…

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