Boss Rush Banter: Do You Consider Yourself Addicted to Video Games?

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Hello. My name is Aewch, and I’m a video-game addict. I fell off the wagon recently. I downloaded Borderlands 3 for the third time. I thought it was going to be simple–just one last playthrough for fun. The next thing I know, I’m level 72, Mayhem 11, trying to fill out the Vault card, and grinding my teeth on the last round of the Slaughter Shaft–and that was just for Amara! There’s another three characters to go through with!

And scene!

While this dramatization aims to take a light-hearted look at this issue, it came from a very real place for me, getting dragged back into Borderlands 3. The question must be asked, do you consider yourself “addicted” to video games?

To offer more of a background, the entire introduction is honestly what happened. I wanted to go through the game as a completionist would. The story, side missions…

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