The Spirit Of Arneson

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Here’s an extract from Season Four Episode 20, recorded back in October 2019. Enjoy!

For me, Dave Arneson represents everything that I most miss about the early days of my own hobby. Arneson was a wargamer, first and foremost, and this is something to which I want to draw attention.

Roleplaying games, as we know them, arose out of the wargaming movement. As much as we might enjoy imagining that roleplaying games could have arisen from other directions – and there are entire episodes of podcasts on this pondering, if you care to listen for them – as much as we might enjoy that possibility, the fact is that roleplaying games came out of wargaming. It started with tabletop miniature wargaming. And games like Risk, Diplomacy, and those Avalon Hill hex-and-chit wargames too.

This was the stuff that my Dad was into throughout my own childhood. Arneson was one…

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