Is EverQuest II the forgotten MMORPG?

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The other day, I was passed along a video that took several (hundred) screenshots of EverQuest II and put them in a nearly four-hour-long video that married relaxing music and ambient noises. The idea, as the video’s author said, was to showcase the game world and put the viewer at ease.

It was as good as any tour that I could think of to show off the MMORPG. I didn’t watch the whole thing, of course — ain’t nobody has four hours to view a glorified screensaver — but I did skip around and see all sorts of sights that I never have before due to only playing the game casually a few times.

As I watched, two thoughts bubbled up in my mind. The first is that EverQuest II is, indeed, very pretty in spots and has its own trademark visual style. It may not be my favorite style…

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