I’m Looking For My People, Not More People.

Grumpy Wizard

James at Grognardia had a post last week that got me thinking.

It is true that the nerd tribe back in the “olden days” wanted more people to be into their hobbies and interests. Today, nerds of a certain age feel nerdom was better before the comics, films, books and games we love became popular.

I was extra grumpy the day James published that post. My reaction was more of a hot take than a considered response. I must not have had lunch yet.

The other comments were somewhat predictable. If you have been around gaming a while, you’ve heard them all before. Nobody is forcing you to play 5E. More players means more gaming. Blah blah blah.

One of the comments was from Mike Mearls (probably The Mike Mearls). He said that if so many people weren’t drawn into the hobby there wouldn’t be so many good games.


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