Karaczun’s Hollows

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Coldseeker Hollows
Karaczun’s Hollows (300 dpi promo)

A day’s walk south of GravelThorpe is a gully cut into the soil by the Karaczun – a stream of runoff from the melting glacier that once covered the ruins of the dwarven citadel of Urul-Dar. The gully here is home to a small set of caves and some enterprising halflings from the town had used the location as a base of operations to pan for artifacts in the stream.

Coldseeker Hollows
Karaczun’s Hollows (1200 dpi)

They would find the occasional interesting bit of dwarven stonework as well as a pair of cut and polished rubies, and eventually built a bridge across to the second cave, linking the two sides of the gully. This smaller cave they used to store their finds while they would camp in the larger upper cave across the gully. At least, until they were chased out of the caves by a small…

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